April 26, 2011

Easter with the Huber Family

There was a point in time where I wondered if I would ever lose the ‘magic’ that comes with the Holidays. At 23, I’ve realized that the magic is not in the Holiday, but the way you spend the Holiday. For me, it’s spending it with family.

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I love that my Grandma still makes each of us grandkids an Easter basket. I don’t care if you’re 3 or 23, it’s always fun to run to the back room and find the basket with your name on it. I was a little bummed I didn’t get bubbles in my basket. Not to worry, Katherine and Sarah shared theirs! 

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Lucky for us, they also shared their ‘big bouncy balls’ – aka, we commandeered them! I think this is the first time in a while that all 12 grandkids have been at Grandma’s house at the same time in a while. Not only that, we had 2 spouses, 3 boyfriends, and 1 baby on the way! We’re 1 player away from 2 complete teams  :) and you better believe we’re not letting a little rain and mud stop us from getting our game on!

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After filling up on Grandma’s cooking (and the most amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever had), we moved on to Easter number 3 with Mom’s side of the family. I got there just in time to help (and by help I mean watch) everybody put together my cousin’s new basketball goal. By the time they got it put together, the rain was pouring. No big deal – we won’t melt!

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Yes, the food is great and the candy AMAZING; the baskets are full and the toys are plentiful; but at the end of the day, it’s family that makes the Holiday so special. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful family to spend my Holidays with.