December 17, 2013

That Rock…

I’ve been hiding under…
I’m finally crawling out from under it for a day or two. Since it’s been over a month since I wrote a blog post, I figured the best way to bring you up to speed would be some lovely iPhone photos…

Justin and I toured Mt. Washington

I increased my mileage up to 6.5 miles

I traveled back to Indiana for work and found this gem

We had our annual work conference in Orlando and stayed at the Disney Coronado Resort. My room key was this awesome bracelet.

While we were there we went to Universal Studios…they closed the park for us…NO WAIT TIMES!

We tailgated and went the the UT/Vanderbilt game

It was sooo cold out! I had on a bazillion layers…but the free pom poms made it all worth it

Speaking of cold, it was 24 degrees on Thanksgiving morning. I was still able to convince Dad and Justin to run Fast Freddie’s with me. It was my 11th race, dad’s 2nd, and Justin’s 1st!

My goal time was 46 minutes…I killed it!

Mom sent me a St. Nick’s gift

Which I have used pretty much every day since

My dog, Hinkle, helped me decorate the house for Christmas

I think it turned out pretty nice

Justin was a groomsman at his friend Daniel’s wedding

And last but not least…this is the to do list that is standing between me and Christmas vacation…

Only 5 more working days this year!

Enough about me already...what have you been up to?