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My name is Kimberly. I’m a 2010 graduate of Butler University – the most FABULOUS University in the entire world, scratch that, the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. I am officially TWO YEARS into this whole “Real World” thing and I think that I am FINALLY getting the hang of it. 

I work in marketing for a Fortune 200 company. I wear about 100 different hats every day. It’s chaotic, it’s stressful, and it’s incredibly rewarding. Plus, I get to wear high heels every day which means I have a reason to go shoe shopping whenever I want :) 
Yes...that is Facebook :)
My family is my life. I have the greatest, most supportive, parents a gal could ask for. I love spending time with them, especially when spending time correlates with dinner time. I have a sister who is planning a December wedding & has the hookup to unlimited sweet tea. I have a brother who lives in Florida who likes shooting guns and keeping me entertained with his hilarious stories via Skype. 

I have a fabulous boyfriend who is working his butt off to be the greatest Economist of all time. He loves soccer, chips & salsa, and Arizona sports teams. He’s currently attempting to explain the rules soccer & football to me. I’m currently attempting to explain to him Pintrest & and why chick flicks are the greatest movie genre of all time. 

I love hanging out with my friends almost as much as I love naps (hey, can you blame me?). They are each uniquely wonderful and I can’t imagine having made it this far in life without them. 

I like to run, scratch that, I LOVE to run. I’m in my second year of coaching a high school Cross Country team and it is quite the adventure. I hope that I motivate my team as much as they motivate me. I’m also training for my first full marathon. Long run Sundays detract from my DVR catch up time, but it’s totally worth the number of cupcakes I tell myself its ok to consume. 

A few other interesting tidbits about me: I love airports & traveling, I’m an avid people watcher, I watch way too much reality TV, I eat dessert first (and last), and I really appreciate you all stopping by to read my blog. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it :)

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