Bucket List

"Life is a journey, not a destination."   
                                  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

 ~Things To Do NOW!~
©       Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
©       Sleep under the stars
©       Leave an inspirational note in a library book for someone to find
©       Dance in the rain
©       Go Camping
©       Go to a concert
©       Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
©       Go on a roadtrip
©       Build a snowman
©       Read 12 books a year April 2013
©       Go to the zoo
©       Go to the drive-in
©       Run a Marathon November 2012
©       Play minigolf April 2012
©       Go golfing
©       Go an entire month without patronizing a fast food restaurant
©       Learn to eat with chopsticks
©       Create one of the pins I pin on Pinterest - January 2012
©       Go rollerskating
©       Go to a theme park June 2013
©       Create an inspiration board
©       Paintball
©       Write a budget and actually stick to it Summer 2013 & beyond!
©       Have a bestie date every month
©       Go canoeing or kayaking
©       Make a list of 100 books to read
©       Make a list of 100 movies to watch
©       Adapt to being a morning person April 2013 (aka I force myself to get up at 5am)
©       Be active in my faith April 2013 (and ongoing!)
©       Put change in someone’s expired meter
©       Pay for the person behind me in the drive through
©       Make a photo calendar
©       Re-read 25 books from my childhood (Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Boxcar Kids,      Nancy Drew)
©       Cook 2 new recipes per month for at least a year
©       Kiss someone under the mistletoe
©       Go an entire week without turning on the TV
©       Change the oil in my car -- by myself
©       Organize a family portrait - November 2011
©       Go on a winery trip with the girls - October 2011 
©       Party in VIP at a bar - June 2010
©       Run a 1/2 Marathon - April 2011 & October 2011
©       Get a massage - October 2011
©       Kiss on Midnight @ NYE - December 2011
©       Attend the midnight premier of a movie - July 2011
©    Attend my 5 year High School reunion - July 2011

~The 5 Year List~
©       Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet
©       Ride in a hot air balloon
©       Go on a cruise
©       Go skinny dipping
©       Complete a coloring book
©       Take a yoga class - February 2012
©       Vegas trip with my girls
©       Learn a poem by heart
©       Watch 1 hour of serious TV programming a month (History Channel, Discovery Channel)
©       Learn to drive a stick shift
©       Stay with a friend living abroad
©       Complete my MBA
©       Go to a music festival
©       Ride my bike to work
©       Run to work
©       Digitally archive old family photos & videos
©       Pay off my loan May 2013
©       Learn to play chess
©       Learn to brew beer/make wine
©       Complete a crochet blanket
©       Knit a scarf
©       Read the books on list
©       Watch the movies on the list
©       Go to the infield at the KY Derby - May 2012
©       Attend my 10 Year HS reunion
©       Donate toys at the holidays
©       Have a wine collection
©       Participate in a bar crawl
©       Toss pizza dough in the air -- and catch it!
©       Watch all 7 Harry Potter movies in one sitting
©       Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
©       Write a blog - January 2010
©       Be a high school athletics coach - August 2011
©       See a Las Vegas Show - March 2010

~The 10 Year List~
©       Get married
©       Read 10 classic books
©       Watch 10 classic movies
©       Own every Disney movie
©       Buy a house
©       Carve my initials in a tree
©       Host a formal dinner party
©       Visit the Grand Canyon
©       Attend a Professional Hockey Game March 2014
©       Leave work for a Wednesday matinee movie
©       Leave work for a business day baseball game
©       Fly first class
©       Learn to ski and/or snowboard
©       Host a game night
©       Go ziplining
©       Spend an entire day at a spa
©       Get a promotion August 2012
©       Host a HUGE Halloween party
©       Try brunch at 20 different places
©       Create a library room in my house
©       Take a surf lesson
©       Go parasailing
©       Go snorkeling
©       Horseback riding on the beach
©       Spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
©       Have dinner in the Eiffel Tower
©       "Hold up" the Leaning Tower of Pisa
©       Go island hopping in the Caribbean
©       Make an article of clothing…and wear it in public
©       Freelance for a local magazine
©       Teach a college class
©       Own stock in my favorite companies…for fun
©       Start college funds for my kids
©       Sleep in front of the fireplace
©       Own a hot tub
©       Have a fabulous view from my home
©       Become a collector…of something
©       Go to the Kentucky Derby - fancy style
©       Go Rockclimbing
©       Ride in a horse and carriage
©       Attend a rodeo
©       Play matchmaker
©       Write funny vows for my wedding rehearsal
©       Build a tree house
©       Learn to say hello in at least 10 languages
©       Own a pair of fabulous designer shoes
©       Host a cookie exchange
©       Drive a racecar
©       Learn to say I Love You in 10 languages
©       Eat everything on the menu at my favorite restaurant
©       Go Skydiving - June 2010

~The Lifetime List~
©       Visit all 7 continents
©       Make a custom recipe book
©       Go to the top of the Empire State Building
©       Go for "High Tea" at the Plaza Hotel
©       Attend an entertainment industry awards show (CMA's, Grammys, etc)
©       Ride in a helicopter
©       Get a competitive job offer from another company
©       Climb Mt. Everest
©       Go White Water Rafting
©       Visit all of the "Top Whatevers" featured on the travel channel
©       Ride a train across the country
©       Watch a rocket/space shuttle launch live
©       See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
©       See Mount Rushmore
©       Visit the Statue of Liberty
©       Be on the town council/school board/other
©       Be on the front page of the newspaper
©       Make a large donation to my alma matter/favorite charity
©       Be a Girl Scout Leader
©       Get an article published in the newspaper or a magazine
©       Own a beach house. Or Lake house. Or both
©       Shop Rodeo Drive
©       Vacation on a private island
©       Be recognized as an authority in my career field
©       Build my dream house
©       Have a wrap around porch with rocking chairs
©       Drink a cosmopolitan in New York City with my best friend
©       Attend a Hawaiian Luau
©       Vacation in Greece
©       Name a star
©       Vacation in all 50 states
©       Run a race in all 50 states
©       Experience NYE in Times Square
©       Visit all the famous museums
©       Attend Game 7 of the World Series
©       Buy an actual piece of art - not a framed poster!
©       Visit the 7 world wonders
©       Visit the Titanic wreckage in a submarine
©       Visit the Great Barrier Reef
©       Visit the Amazon Rainforest
©       Shake hands with the President of the United States
©       Meet my favorite author
©       Be part owner (or full owner) of a sports team
©       Go on a Safari
©       Go to the Superbowl
©       Go to the Indy 500
©       Go to the Olympics
©       See a Broadway play in New York
©       Go to a fashion show in Milan
©       Ride in a gondola in Venice