June 16, 2013

An Apology, A New Car & A Mini-Vacation

It's only been a week and a half but I feel like I have been MIA from the blog for forever! I know it's a lame excuse but I've been crazy busy...like overwhelmed busy. Whose bright idea was it to take three classes this session and work full time and try to have some kind of personal life? 

So where did I leave off...
Did I tell you that Rhonda (Justin's car) has been giving us fits lately? She was an old bird - she's been driving around since 1998! A few trips ago, she rolled over 200,000 miles. On Justin's last trip home she decided to take a break somewhere near Cincinnati...in the middle of the highway...while in the fast lane. Luckily, I wasn't there. I would have FREAKED. OUT. Justin got her started and made it home, but we decided we couldn't risk it again....
 MEET TRAVIS...aka Trav the Rav

I headed down to Knoxville last Friday for some whirlwind car shopping. Justin did all of the pre-work and put together a formal document with all of the cars (year, mileage, features, safety) so that I could review them before we visited the car lots (he knows me so well!). We knew we wanted an SUV but we had to find one with good gas mileage (darn that 9 hour drive to Pittsburgh). 

We test drove a Ford Escape, a Jeep Compass, a Honda CR-V, and a Toyota RAV4....I might be forgetting one or two...it was a REALLY long day. We both loved the RAV4...so we bought it...TOGETHER! ...and I thought the printer was a big deal :) 

Some R & R was definitely needed after car shopping...SO. STRESSFUL...so we headed over to Crossville, TN to hang out with Justin's parents and escape reality for a couple of days. We stayed at the Wyndham Resort at Fairfield glade. It barely cleared 70 either day and we had lots of rain, but we still had an awesome time. We walked the many trails, hung out in the indoor jacuzzi, and ate food...a lot of food! It was a blast and it was so hard to head back to reality on Monday morning. I'm already counting down to the Fourth of July Holiday and more time off work :)

What have you been up to these past two weeks?
What are your vacation plans this summer?

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  1. I've been in Canada this whole week ... I just got home today
    I am going to a few summer camps and on 1-2 family vacations


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