February 23, 2013

Introducing Tready Runsebelt!

There’s a new man in my life and I’m so excited that we get to hang out every day! Tready Runsebelt (Tready for short) was delivered and assembled this morning! I hardly waited for the delivery men to leave before I ran the inaugural mile :)

I think the worst thing about moving to Pittsburgh is that I haven’t been able to run near as much as I want to. Between snow, ice, single digit weather, and late night classes…it’s been nearly impossible. Now, I have no excuse since Tready is camped out less than 10 steps from my bedroom.

I am still counting down the days until its warm enough and light enough to get back outside, but until then, Tready will have to do. In order to keep myself occupied during long runs, I have created the running wall of inspiration – all of my favorite running memories. The empty space is for the marathon poster and pictures that I still haven’t printed yet (hey, I’ve been a little busy moving across the country). Even after that, I still have lots of wall space to cover which means I better get running!

Thanks to the other man in my life, I’m getting a TV to put in the spare room too. Just think of the number of miles I can get in during The Bachelor every week!

^ Other man :)
Do you have a favorite treadmill workout?

How you get through long runs?

Is it weird that I typed this while sitting on my new treadmill?

February 10, 2013

Grocery Shopping & Hot Pink Pants

The most exciting part of my weekend was my trip to Giant Eagle (I know. It's ok to be jealous!). I'm almost embarrassed that I spent almost two hours grocery shopping. I did walk out with lots of awesome food to get me through the next few weeks. Since I normally head directly to the frozen food sections and lean cuisines, I had no idea how much I've been missing out on!

This week I discovered Tyson pork roast, loaded mashed potatoes, and green beans. Just to be clear, I did know what green beans were before today, they just don't end up in my cart very often. 


I even ate at the kitchen table tonight like a normal person. I'll let you guess how many nights a week I eat dinner on the couch while watching TV (6...and on night 7 I eat in the car on the way home from class). 

Speaking of eating in the car on the way home...have you had Burger King's cheesy tots? They are my new favorite fast food item of all time, surpassing even the McDonald's double cheeseburger & Taco Bell cheesy potato burrito.

After enjoying my awesome dinner, I sat down and made a meal plan for the first time ever. Even if I never make another one, you can all sleep soundly knowing that I will not be eating one frozen meal this week!

Side note - I bought these pink pants at my happy place today and I love them. I'm totally wearing them to work every day this week because they are so awesome! Let's just hope they fit after I eat this entire bag of cookies tonight :)

Do you make a weekly meal plan?

What's your favorite fast food item?

Do you love Target as much as I do?
(Probably not. I love it so much I want to get married in a Target)

February 8, 2013


I made pinwheels for the boy and I to enjoy during the Beyonce concert...er...Super Bowl last weekend. It was an afterthought, and I whipped them together with random stuff from the fridge. I would probably never survive the first round of Chopped, but I was pretty impressed with how they turned out.

Here's What You Need:
Cream Cheese
Chopped green onions
Shredded Cheese
Sliced Ham
Sliced Turkey
Hot Sauce

Here's What You Do:
1) Mix the cream cheese, green onions, and shredded cheese
2) Spread the mixture on the tortillas
3) Add Ham, Turkey, or a Mixture of the two
4) Sprinkle hot sauce on a few 
5) Roll the tortillas
6) Slice into fifths

Seriously people, it's that simple. And they taste AWESOME! 

February 5, 2013

Food, Beyonce, & Football

This past weekend I finally got to explore a little bit of the city I now call home. Justin braved the snowy mountains and a nine hour drive to take me out to dinner on Saturday night. After a Google search, an Urban Spoon search, and a Groupon search, we decided on Penn Brewery. If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, I highly recommend it. The food was incredible and the beer was even better. We got the sampler, so we tried 10 different locally brewed beers. The most interesting beer was the Chocolate Meltdown. I swear it tasted exactly like chocolate milk! Justin preferred the Penn Dark (Dunkel…no surprise there!).

We tried out the famous (infamous?) Eat’n Park after Church for Sunday Brunch. It was surprisingly good! I ate more food than I should probably eat in a week…it was worth it. We thought about finding a bar to watch the Beyonce Concert…er…Super Bowl, but decided to make our favorite tailgate foods and watch it at home instead. Justin was representing the NFC in his Cardinals shirt & I decided to rep the AFC in my Colts shirt. 

Justin made his dad’s famous chicken wings & I made pinwheels. The chicken wing recipe can be found in my blog post from last March. I promise to post the pinwheel recipe later this week! 

Since you can’t buy your beer, liquor, and groceries at the same place in Pittsburgh (don’t get me started…), Justin and I took a tour of the Wine & Spirits shop near my house on Saturday. We found “DUDE” on the shelf and decided we had to try it. The all mighty internet told us that if we mixed it with Sprite, it would taste exactly like Mt. Dew. I don’t know if I would go that far, but it is definitely an AWESOME drink. Seriously, this stuff is dangerous! 

It was a perfect weekend. The only bad part was watching the boy pack up his stuff and load up the Honda. This whole long distance thing is no fun. I’m ready for Spring Break!

What was your favorite commercial?

Which team were you rooting for?

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl snack?

February 3, 2013

"In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back"

- Charlie Brown

I love the Sunday comics. That section and the Target ad are the two things I pull out of the stack and head to the couch with my cup of coffee to read. Some of my favorites -- Dennis the Menace, Foxtrot, Garfield, & Zits...but my MOST FAVORITE is Peanuts! I love Charlie Brown and the gang. Charles Shultz's daily comic strip has provided me many laugh out loud moments and some excellent life advice...

Pig Pen taught us that it doesn't matter what other people think...

Linus taught us to stand up for what we believe in...

Lucy taught us how to deal with boys...

"All you really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." -- Lucy Van Pelt

Charlie Brown taught us about math....

...and to never ever give up...


What is your favorite section of the Sunday paper?

What's your favorite comic strip?

Do you have any tokens of wisdom that you've gotten from comics?