September 28, 2011

All It Takes Is All You've Got

“Run hard when it’s hard to run.” 
 “There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory.”

It’s a weekday afternoon – sunshine, rain, snow, 90 degrees, 30 degrees – and 20 high schoolers are gathered in shelter house 4 at Community Park. Chatter jumps from homework to football scores to who wore what last weekend to who just broke up with who…and then…for a split second…complete silence (ok, not really…but maybe one day) while someone reads off the motivational quote for the week. Now, it’s time for practice!

I have had so much fun coaching the Providence Cross Country Team this season. I’ve been meaning to blog about this all summer, but I’ve been a huge slacker when it comes to blogging. In fact, the season is half over and I haven’t blogged about the team once!

Let me give you the Sports Center Top 10 PXC moments (so far) of 2011...except unlike SC, mine are in no particular order.
    Running in the pouring rain/tornado at the Clarksville Track during the Summer Running Series
    Coach K Squared planning our Homecoming Campaign for Summer 2012...we WILL win next year!
    Running the course at Community Park over and over and over again...oh wait, this one actually belongs in another category...

    Team T-shirts: Nothing Runs Like A Pioneer!

    Ladies taking FIRST PLACE at the Charlestown Invitational!

    Two sentences that turn into two mile conversations. "Were you getting a tattoo? Were you being trained by Jackie Chan? Were you wearing shorts? What color? Most importantly...did you have gas?"

    Spending two hours in enclosed spaces - the Kim & Kari stand up comedy act - coming soon to a CC Meet near you
    Captain Murphy hocking a loogie into the Freshman's coke...silly Freshman, we told you runners can't have soft drinks. Boys will be boys!

    Team Facebook conversations that go on for hours after a great race
    Ladies taking FIRST PLACE at the Christian Academy Invitational

    That's right, TWO FIRST PLACE FINISHES! I'm so proud of this team and all of their accomplishments so far this season. Even more important than the team however, is Kari. In fact, I would like to dedicate this post to Kari because she is so awesome. In fact, I'm going to replace all of the photos in this post with pictures of Kari...except that seems like a lot of I won't :) Seriously this team!

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    1. So:
      1. I LOVE what you have done to update the bloggy. Very pretty!
      2. Also, this last picture... oh man, Chuck is such a fashion trendsetter with those shorts! Lol.


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