August 6, 2012

Paint is Taking Over My Life

Since I don’t get enough paint at work during the week, I joined a bunch of my friends last weekend to experience the awesomeness that was the Color Run here in Louisville. If you have never heard of the Color Run (I’m not sure what rock you’re living under), you should check out their website and definitely take advantage when the event comes to your city.

Team Color Blind went prepared – dressed in white with sunglasses that can only be described as awesmazbrillfabuful (The super word formed from awesome, amazing, brilliant, fabulous & wonderful. Look it up. It’s totally in the dictionary).  The 3 mile course had 4 color stations where volunteers coated you in color. It was so much fun….a little difficult to breathe…but totally fun J 

 At the end of the course, there was a color festival that everyone could participate in. We each had our own color packet and every 15 minutes there would be mass chaos as everyone gathered and threw color in the air.

 We spent a lot of time in the color mosh pit, but also stood outside of it a couple times to see this awesome site. The Color Run was a one of a kind event and I definitely recommend everyone check it out.

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