November 24, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake

First, I would like to point out that during my google search for an image I procrastinated took the time to learn where that phase came from and my mind was blown a little bit. Thank you Wikipedia

Now – to get back to the point of this post – let’s focus on two key words, CAKE and EAT.

CAKE: If there is one thing Justin has been passionate about during this whole “wedding planning thing” it’s that we WILL have awesome cake and he WILL get to eat some of it. People keep telling them he will be so busy during the reception that he won’t get a piece...he’s willing to skip the first dance if it means he can eat some cake.

We went to THREE bakeries in search of the perfect cake. We developed a proprietary cake tasting rating system that we used for all three when comparing flavors, moistness, icing melt in your mouthness – you know – the important things!

Sweet Stuff was by far the winner for the most AMAZING cakes in Southern Indiana and it took us about 2.5 seconds to decide we wanted to work with them for our wedding cake. We have plenty of time to decide on what type of design we want and what flavors we want. Design – we already have an idea. Flavor – we argue debate discuss quite frequently :)

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EAT: Our venue gave us a list of recommended caterers so we had a really good starting point for this task. I spent way too many hours surfing their websites and trying to narrow down the list. I reached out to four caterers and was easily to narrow it down to two when the quotes came back. I know that “food and beverage” is usually the largest part of any wedding budget, but I was shocked at how high some of the quotes were! Both of the caterers provided tastings for us and we got to try tons of different menu options.

We were able to pick up our food from one of the caterers and enjoy our tasting at home. My only requirement was that Mac n Cheese is one of our side dishes and I was not disappointed! We broke out the proprietary rating system one more and had a blast pretending to be food connoisseurs for the afternoon.

Our second caterer option had us come into their facility and they gave us a full experience with multiple courses and fine china. We knew were weren’t going with the fine china option, but it was a lot of fun.

Ultimately, we decided to work with Ladyfingers Catering for the big day. Their food was more our style and we couldn't find a single thing wrong with any of the food options they let us try during our tasting. We haven’t selected our exact menu yet, but our guests will definitely be enjoying some fantastic BLT mac n cheese on June 20th! If you’re looking for a caterer and your event isn't on June 20th, you should definitely check them out.

Whew! I can’t believe we are only 7 months away! I know we still have a lot of time, but June 20th is going to come around faster than we think.   

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  1. Isn't the cake testing a total blast?! That was one of the really important things to us, too. I wanted to make sure we had a ton of cake so everyone could have as much as they wanted... oops, we had a whole sheet cake left :)


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