February 23, 2011

As lame of an excuse as this is, I’ve been too busy to blog! The last 2 weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. When I started my job in August, I had a 6 month ‘probation period.’ Well, the probation period ended and the real job began!  I thought I was busy as a trainee, but it’s nothing compared to now. It’s weird. I didn’t realize how hesitant I was being as a trainee. I guess it was because I was the new girl, learning the new position, not knowing if it would last more than 6 months. Oh how things have changed!

My first ‘real world’ challenge was attending my company’s Marketing Plan presentations in Pittsburgh. Fun Kim Fact: That flight marked the 5th time I’ve ever been on an airplane. 3 of my 5 airplane experiences have happened since I landed this job in August. I should also mention that I LOVE AIRPORTS. (Seriously, I’m not even kidding! I’ve always loved visiting the airport.) Anyways, as I listened to the teams in my business unit present their 2011 plans, I realized how awesome this year is going to be. There are big plans ahead and I am extremely excited. After my week in Pittsburgh, I had 7 days back in the office. I should have spent those days catching up on work and getting started on upcoming projects. I did spend some time doing that…I also decorated my cube J I hadn’t put up any pictures because I didn’t know where I’d be after my 6 months. It’s so homey now! Well, as homey as a cube can be.

My company is opening new locations in the Phoenix market. About 10 minutes after I received my official job position, I also received a plane ticket to Phoenix. So here I am, spending time at the airport, people watching (one of my favorite hobbies). I’m super excited about this trip. Travel was one of the things I looked for in a job and it is definitely happening. Plus – this trip is to AZ - in February. I’m hoping to enjoy a little sunshine and a little baseball after work. I’ve been thrown head first into this market expansion project. It’s been challenging and a major learning experience – a sink or swim situation. I’m pretty pumped to say I’m swimming. No more hesitation, I’m making decisions like it’s my job (which it is, haha).  Anyway, I have a giant sticky note hanging above my TV at home that says BLOG! So hopefully I’ll remember to post more often.

*Note - I wrote this yesterday at the airport but my internet and I were fighting. I'll have an AZ update later. The weather here is BEAUTIFUL!

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  1. The Phoenix airport is nice isn't it?! It's a pretty cool city for being in the middle of the desert. Try not to travel there in the middle of the summer..I went to an outdoor concert in September and it was 110!!! Not a pleasant concert.


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