May 24, 2011

Good Luck Kevin!

Today I got to watch my little brother swear an oath and enlist in the United States Air Force. As I type this, he's sitting on a plane headed for Texas to start basic training. Crazy. Who would have thought that this goofy little kid would end up in the military?
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I guess we should have known. I mean, he did wear a suit for his 3rd grade class photo and chose the American Flag background :)  And looking through old photo albums, I found these pictures from family vacations.
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19 hours from home without a cell phone for 8 weeks? How’s he going to survive – today is the first time he’s ever been on a plane! He told me this afternoon that he’s never spent more than a week away from home, and that was at summer camp – with dad there! Forget how’s he gonna survive, how am I gonna survive? Even when I was away at school we talked almost every day [Even though most of our conversations went like this, “Hey, what’s up?” “Nothin’” “How’s school?” “Good” “How’s work” "Fine" “Is Mom home?” “Yea”]. Plus, Indy was only 2 hours away – that’s a lot shorter drive than 19 hours! What if I need furniture moved? Who’s going to come knock down wasps nests for me? Who’s going to eat the entire box of Cheese-It’s I just bought in one setting?(ok, so I’m not gonna miss that one AT ALL) It's going to be weird getting used to him being off the grid for the next two months, that's for sure. He's ready though, and he's going to do just fine.

I guess I don’t get a say in when he gets to grow up. I do get to be very excited for him and proud of him as he embarks on this new adventure. I’m very proud of you, Kevin, and know that you’re not only going to survive boot camp, but you’re going to thrive. Can’t wait to see you in July!

Check him out, front & center!

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