June 3, 2011

1 Kid's Menu Please

I don’t eat out very often, mostly because all of my disposable income goes towards shoes (food is an afterthought J), but last week, I went to two of my fave restaurants. I never eat all of my food and I hate wasting it. I think that every restaurant should allow every person to order off the kid’s menu. Actually, since I’m calling the shots, I think that it should be renamed entirely and made available at every restaurant. It wouldn’t be that hard – just offer everything on the menu in a ‘Lunch Portion’ size. I hate that by the way. Why can’t I order a lunch portion at dinner? (yea, yea, the whole point is to drive business during the day by offering lower prices, blah, blah, blah). 

When I go to Tumbleweed, I order the same thing 99% of the time. Beef Deluxe Burrito, queso style, extra rice – no beans. I’ve been known to devour the entire meal along with a bowl of chips (I LOVE Mexican food!). I always leave filling extra full – you know, the “ughhh, I ate too much, must unbutton pants for the ride home” feeling.  It’s just so delicious!!  Other times (when I’m not being a pig) I get a to go box and have enough food for a second meal. Well, last Thursday (dreaming of the wedges that I needed to buy to match my favorite outfit) I ordered the Jr. Beef Burrito, queso style, with 1 side of rice. I ate every bite and was a little jealous of my friends still chowing down after I was finished. When we left however, they were all moaning about being overly stuffed and had their to go boxes full of leftovers. I was the perfect amount of full + I didn’t have to eat a soggy buritto for lunch the next day. Props Tumbleweed, for including this option on your regular menu and not glaring at me after I ordered it!

Over the weekend, I went to Olive Garden with my mom. I wasn’t super hungry and I knew I was going to fill up on salad and breadsticks (yum!), but I felt silly and didn’t even bother asking for a kids menu – plus, even though I’m told I look young, I probably couldn’t pass for 12. So when they brought my plate – or rather, my platter – of food. I stared at it in disbelief. No way was I going to be able to eat 3 giant ravioli and 2 (yes, 2!) pieces of grilled chicken. The next day I nuked my leftovers for lunch and still couldn’t finish it all! Now, if they had had what I wanted in ½ portion size, all would have been right in the world. I could have had a fantastic meal, wouldn’t have had to worry about leaving my to go box on the table (which I’ve been known to do), and I would have been able to afford my wedges (who are we kidding, I bought the wedges anyway J).

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