June 10, 2011

Greetings from Lackland AFB

Kevin asked me to keep everybody posted on his happenings at boot camp, so here’s an update. He’s gotten to call home twice and talk to mom & dad. He says it’s super intense, but he’s having a good time! He gets yelled at, “but it’s good if they yell at you – means they like you.” ….Yea, sure Kev, whatever…

We got our first batch of letters from him today. He said they get some time every night where mail is handed out so they can read letters from home. Since I’m nosy, I read all of the letters he sent. Here are some of the parts that made me smile…

[It’s 8:35 am on 6/4/2011 and I have been up for 3 hours now! …I’m sitting in church. Yes, church. I figured you all were right and it would be a good way to ‘get away.’ So far, you are right. (imagine that, mom being right about something!)

We have about 7 minutes to dress, shave, brush teeth, and get back. Then we have to make our beds for 10 minutes…yea, it’s crazy. (says the kid who probably hasn’t made his bed in 10 years!)

We get 5 minutes to eat and we’re required to drink 2 glasses of juice at every meal. It’s a repulsive sight watching people shovel food down!! (says the kid who eats more repulsively than anyone I know!)

You know how there’s always that ‘One Guy.’ We have like 4 of them! They just don’t listen to simple instructions. (for those of you who know my brother: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

I got a job. That is a huge honor in BMT. I am the EC Conductor…my power is limitless… (Yay, Go Kevin! I hope you’re using your powers for good!)

Today marks the end of week 1. Tomorrow we are officially 2nd weekers! It went by fast and it’s actually a lot of fun! ]

In all of his letters he said that getting mail from home every evening is what helps get them through the day. He asked me to post his address and said he would love to hear from everyone. So if you have a few minutes, drop him a note!

AB Huber Kevin R
324 TRS/FLT490 Dorm B7
1320 Trueper St Unit 362902
Lackland AFB, TX 78236

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