July 29, 2013

WWNPP - "N"otebook

About two weeks ago I pulled out a pair of shorts that I hadn't worn since last summer and thought they would look really cute to wear to a cookout. As I buttoned the top button I thought to myself, “man, these shorts must have shrunk in the dryer.” Then I remember that I had not worn them since last summer… and that I have not been running as much lately or eating healthy. So I apologized to my dryer and then went and had a long talk with my treadmill (yes, I talk to my appliances. no, I am not crazy).

I’ll skip the long conversation and just sum it up for you: 
I’m going to run more. 
I’m going to record my runs.
 I’m going to buy new running clothes.

In 2011 & 2012 I kept a running log. I wrote down my workout every day. My distance, my time, mile splits, the conditions, how I felt, etc. The log hung on my refrigerator. I looked at it every day, multiple times a day. It reminded me that I was one step closer to my goal every day, whatever the goal was that week/month/year. It reminded me that I was continually improving my time, distance, and weekly mileage. It reminded me that the hard days were few and far between and that even the hard days were good running days.

I actually started logging my runs in high school. NOTEBOOK is the “N” in WWNPP. My Cross Country coach taught me the importance of logging runs many years ago; I just forgot how important it was for a few years in college and then for a few months after moving to Pittsburgh.

SO: I’m going to start a log again. I actually started it two weeks ago but I haven’t had time to blog about it. The 8 miles on the log that first week didn’t look like much, but is was a start. This week the goal is 10 miles, and it will increase every week after that.

I've also developed a new way to keep myself motivated (besides the obvious motivation of being healthy and fit). For every day I complete a workout, I’m putting a sticker on the log. For every 15 stickers, I’m buying a new running shirt…or shorts...or sports bra. Given how obsessed I am with new running clothes, I think this is a BRILLIANT idea. Added benefit: by the end of the summer, I won’t have to suck it in when I wear my non-elastic shorts :)

Did you miss the W’s? Check them out by clicking the links below and stay tuned for the P’s!

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  1. I love the stickers/running gear prizes idea, I should do that because my running hasn't been consistent lately either. Thanks for the idea! :)

  2. So far it's working. I'll hit my 15th sticker this week and I already have my eye on a pair of green Brooks shorts - excellent motivation!


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