October 10, 2014

Dress, Church, Music, Cake

What do those four things have in common? WEDDING!

I know what you’re thinking – TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK! Who is this girl??

I feel like the last couple weeks have been all wedding all the time. We got so many things checked off our wedding to-do list in September. I have to be honest; I’ve been a tad stressed lately. We had lots of plans to get some wedding stuff accomplished in August, but all plans when out the window when we had to get Justin moved to Danville. I started feeling like I had nothing accomplished and was WAY behind schedule. As usual…I was over-reacting  :) BUT there really was a lot to be done so we put our wedding hats on in September and GOT. STUFF. DONE:

WEDDING DRESS!: This is my favorite item checked off the list so far. I started searching for dresses back in July, but didn’t seriously go dress shopping until Labor Day weekend. I’m pretty sure I tried on one million dresses, but I finally found the absolute most perfect dress. It is exactly what I had envisioned and only slightly (ok – a lot) over budget. Justin will probably have to attend in his underwear since I spent our entire apparel budget on my dress, but I think it is totally worth it! I can not wait to share pictures next June :)


Church: We had a major disaster (ok – a slight inconvenience) when we found out that we had to make a venue change for our wedding ceremony. We originally wanted both our ceremony and reception at the Muhammad Ali Center, but we are now having our ceremony at a church nearby. It’s old, historic, and gorgeous and I love it!


Music: Justin has been pushing for strings at our ceremony ever since we went to my friend’s wedding last summer and he heard a string quartet play. It just so happens that my aunt and uncle are friends with a lady who is part of a string trio. We listened to their CD – they are great – and we cannot wait to have them play at our ceremony.  Funny story about the DJ we wanted for our reception…. We wanted the same DJ who was at my sister’s wedding since he did such a fantastic job. We called and talked to him, but hadn’t made a deposit yet when we found out that my mom had recommended him for another event not knowing it was the same day as our wedding and they wanted him too! We got our check in right away. Moral of the story – if you need a DJ, let me know…he comes highly recommended from the Huber family!

Cake: I’m fairly certain this has been Justin’s favorite wedding activity so far! We went to three different bakeries to taste potential cakes for the wedding. Stay tuned for a full recap in the next wedding update :)

What is your favorite flavor of cake?

Married/Engaged people: What was your favorite part of wedding planning?

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