October 7, 2014

Hello Centre College!

If y’all can remember waaaay back to July, I posted this picture on Instagram.

Centre College

The Boy FINALLY let me announce in late July that he had accepted a teaching job at Centre College for the 2014-2015 school year. We were beyond excited when he got the job offer. It is an incredible opportunity for him leading up to going on the Job Market this winter and brought him a couple hours closer to Pittsburgh (a 7 hour drive is way better than a 10 hour drive!). We had a crazy few weeks in July/August. From the time Justin signed his contract to the time he had to attend his first meeting on campus was exactly 21 days. That’s 21 days to explain to his Professors at UT what was going on, get approval to finish his dissertation away from campus, pack up his apartment, FIND A PLACE TO LIVE in Danville, and get moved and settled.

I was a hot mess. Justin was calm, cool, and collected. Or maybe he has just gotten really good at being the Type B to my Type A personality :) The faculty and staff at Centre were wonderful in helping us find a list of houses for rent in the area. Justin went to Danville one weekend and toured about 7,000 houses. We finally found the perfect ‘little’ place to live for the year. Neither of us have ever lived in a house before this…we’ve been apartment dwellers since we moved out of our parents' houses…so we were pretty excited.

Professor Roush

With the help of Justin’s parents, we packed up his Knoxville apartment and got everything moved into the Danville House. The very next weekend, my parents helped us load up a U-Haul full of furniture on loan from various members of the Huber family and BOOM, we had an (almost) fully furnished house.

Professor Roush

 We made our first furniture purchase together that weekend – a wonderful pillowtop mattress bed set (that I’m pretty sure Justin loves more than he loves me!) to replace Justin’s twin bed in the Master Bedroom. I’m not going to lie – it is pretty comfy. Every time I visit, I attempt to make the house a bit more ‘homey.’ My next goal is to get pictures hung up in every room!

Danville, KY

Danville, KY

Danville, KY

Other perks: the house is a less than a 10 minute walk from campus, it has a huge backyard, and there is a ton of room for visitors...SO COME VISIT US!

Do you live in an apartment or a house?
What’s your favorite thing about your house/apartment?

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