December 15, 2014

”Hallelujah! Holy Sh*t! Where’s the Tylenol?”

This is probably the first and last time you will ever hear me admit to this, but after the busy weekend we had, I am grateful that it is Monday! 

The Boy gave his last final for the semester on Thursday and headed north on Friday morning. I was greeted with wine and cheese when I got home from work on Friday night and we stayed up late updating the map. We also made our game plan for Saturday. We wanted to register for wedding gifts, do all of our Christmas shopping (since neither of us had started!), AND start looking for something for Justin to wear when we get hitched.

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning and headed out the door, coffee mugs in hand. Kohls opened at 6am, but I’m not that kind of crazy. We didn’t hit the door until a little after 8am. Our first priority was to register for gifts, but we also picked up a few presents.

We then spent WAY too much time in Toys R Us, but I couldn’t pull The Boy away from all of the toys! Next up: Bed, Bath, and Beyond. No Christmas shopping here, just adding another gift registry! The stores were starting to fill up so we took a little longer than we had planned to get through the entire store. SOMEBODY got a little trigger happy with the registry gun when we hit the gadget wall. Don't be worried/surprised if you come across a few random gadgets on our list. 

 As soon as we were out the door, I told The Boy that he had to feed me or I would collapse and die of starvation (I’m not dramatic AT ALL). I was really craving soup and salad, but there wasn’t a Panera anywhere close to where we were. Instead we stopped in at Olive Garden for some unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks (and wine, duh).

When we finally decided we were full, we headed off to the mall. After circling the parking lot a bazillion times, we found a parking spot and headed in with the masses. We only had a few things left on our Christmas shopping list and we found most of them at Target (which is wonderfully attached to the mall).

After we finished up all of our shopping and registering, we stopped into a few places to look for a suit for Justin to wear at the wedding. He tried on oh so many suits, but finally found one he loved (at Banana Republic...of all places!). They happened to be having a HUGE sale this weekend and everything was 50% off. We couldn't pass that up so we ended up buying the pants for all of the groomsmen so they could take advantage of this deal! 

To reward ourselves for surviving the day, we decided on a late dinner at Saga so that Justin could indulge in his favorite food ever – Hibachi. We didn't get seated until after 9:30 and I was way too exhausted to remember to take a picture. Trust me though, it was fantastic!

Then it was home and in bed so we could get up bright and early on Sunday morning. We had one more gift to go buy and then spent the rest of the day baking cookies and wrapping presents.

Who’s finished with their Christmas shopping already?
What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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