December 8, 2011

Huber Family Photos

November was a busy month for the Huber family. So many things happened – Kevin was home for a little over a week, I spent a weekend exploring Cincinnati with my Bestie, we celebrated Thanksgiving (3 times!), and we got our family pictures taken. 

When it comes to family pictures, my mom is on her game. Every year since I’ve been born (actually…every year since my parents have been married), we’ve had our family pictures taken. While there is usually a lot of grumbling during the planning and the actual picture taking, we’ll all admit that we’re glad mom corrals us for these pictures every year. It’s always entertaining to look back over the past 23 years and see how we’ve grown up – including the numerous phases and trends we tried on for size (can we please delete all pictures of me from the years 2000-2002?). This year, my friend Emily took our family photos. Emily is fabulous - click on her logo to check out her portfolio. 


Then came photo project #2: Back in 2004 we had a photo taken of everyone in the Huber family, and I finally decided it was time to get the entire gang together for another group photo. Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins…the whole shebang. I’ve mentioned before I have a big family…there are 27 of us :) (When you count the significant others not married in, we bring that total up to 29) With 4 generations of Hubers ranging from 10 days old to 82 years old…can you imagine trying to get a shot where everyone is looking?
Emily actually planned this photo & I love it
I don’t know how she did it, but Emily captured the perfect photo of all of us. She works magic with her camera!  I’m so excited at how wonderful the photos turned out. 
The Huber Family -- Fall 2011 (We miss you grandpa)
PS – take a look at the photo from 2004. It’s crazy what a difference 7 years makes. At the rate our family is growing, we’re going to need a new photo every year to keep up...

The Huber Family -- Fall 2004

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