January 6, 2012

Best Month of the Year

One day I’ll actually blog exciting things that happen to me in a timely fashion. For now however, I’ll keep you entertained with another previous month recap.

December is my favorite month. I’ve already listed a few of the reasons why I love this month, but here come some more! The best idea I ever had was saving up my vacation time and taking off ½ the month of December.

One of my favorite December traditions is Friends Christmas aka Ugly Sweater Karaoke Partly. It’s a Christmas Eve Eve tradition that will last until we’re old and gray…or until our livers give out…

There are no words...
We know, we're beautiful :)
I got the best Christmas gift ever when my brother called and told me to pick him up at the airport on Christmas Eve morning. We didn’t think he was going to make it home, but the sneaky kid fooled us all! Lots of happy tears, lots of laughter, lots of food, and lots of gift. Christmas with the Huber family is always a good time.

Christmas Eve @ Grandma Huber's House

Christmas Day @ Grandma & Grandpa Knox's house
As per tradition, we spent a lot of Christmas Eve with our scratch offs. Believe it or not…Brittney actually won a couple of dollars this year! She NEVER wins :) Best gift: Garmin Forerunner 410. I’m in love. I get started running and I just don’t want to stop now that I can track my mileage to the 100th of a mile!

Beer & Lottery tickets...it's tradition!
Let's Go Run...RIGHT NOW!!
Speaking of miles, I ran my 1,000th mile of the year on the 28th. Got that 2011 New Year’s Resolution finished in the nick of time! This year is the first year I’ve actually tracked my daily mileage, mile splits, and race dates & times. I’m super pumped to look back and compare all of my times for 2012.

Another fun December adventure – Distillery tours. **Disclaimer: I hate bourbon. I did however, have an absolute blast touring Jim Beam & Markers Mark with two of the most fabulous people I know. If you’ve never been, It’s totally worth the day trip. I could totally win a bourbon trivia contest.
Ewww...Bourbon Face!!!
Remember...Open your mouth to smell...
 Then came the greatest Holiday of the year – my birthday. I have the greatest family, friends, and co-workers who always take time to make my day so special. After the steaks, red velvet cake, Mexican food, chocolate fondue, margaritas, mystery shots, and cupcakes…It’d probably be best if I didn’t eat again for at least a year.

 But enough about me….how was your December?

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