June 19, 2013

Now That's What I Call Product Innovation

I’m trying to become unbusy (yea, that’s a word) so that I have more time to share super cool things with you guys but there are just not enough hours in the day. I’m am counting down until the end of summer classes – only 8 more days! Some of these might be old news but I think they are hilarious and totally worth sharing!

I mean, eating can be really difficult, especially while giving a massage or tattooing, so BK is trying to make it easier for us.


Next -- Remember Domino’s Pizza DVD?

Well now they've developed a “DomiCopter” that air delivers your pizza. How cool would it be if your job was to play with remote control helicopters all day?


Also -- Have you seen this ad?

Mom’s around the world might be mad, but personally, I think I’d enjoy a picnic with this guy :) I bought a bottle of Kraft Zesty Italian last week (I buy one every week but that’s besides the point).

This last one wasn't originally going to be a part of this post, but as I was reading through my blog roll this morning, I came across this little treasure on Runner Girl Eats:

Just in time for summer ladies! Hairy Leg Stockings! Direct from the website, “Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out.”

As a marketer, I am totally impressed by the product innovation and branding campaign :)

Happy Hump Day folks! It’s almost FRIDAY!


  1. I just saw this product on TV...I thought it was pretty ridiculous. Only $14.95 + S&H


    1. I mean, if you're going to buy the air curler, then you're going to have beautiful hair and you definitely need the Hairy Leg Stockings to keep away the creepers!

  2. Holy cow. The things Americans come up with

    1. You have to wonder who would actually buy those things! Crazy!


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