June 3, 2013

Can I get an Extra Weekend?

Oh my goodness! I have so much to tell you all about.

First things First. KEVIN CAME TO PITTSBURGH. 

I love visitors but this visitor is extra special. We haven’t seen each other since last August! We spent all day Thursday touring Pittsburgh. We went up on Mt. Washington, toured Station Square, and walked downtown by PPG and through Market Square

Kevin tried his very first Primanti Bros sandwich!
Of course we had to stop by Heinz Field (where Kevin succeeded in sneaking into an unlocked door for 2.5 seconds before security threw him out) and PNC Park. Out last stop was Duquesne University so I could show him where I spend a majority of my time these days. We walked NINE MILES. My legs were happy/not very happy during the 6 hour car ride home that night.

On Friday, we went to my cousin Lisa’s wedding. It was so beautiful. Since this was the first time our entire family has been together since last August, mom took about a bazillion family photos. I gotta say…we’re a pretty good looking group!

Before the wedding. You had to be "married in" to be in this picture :)

These two cuties have been married for 29 years!

These two cuties think shoes are completely unnecessary
when dancing the night away. 

Hanging out with the beautiful bride!

At the reception. The whole gang!

On Saturday afternoon we went to my cousin Tabatha’s High School graduation party and on Saturday night, we celebrated my mom’s 50th 29th birthday. Her actual birthday is June 10th so it’s not to late to send gifts. You can send them directly to me and I will make sure she gets them. She likes cash, shoes (size 6) and anything pink :) 

She actually prefers purple and wears a size 7

We both like cash...and watermelon!

On Sunday, Justin conveniently “forgot” one of his textbooks at my parent’s house so I drove down to Bardstown and had lunch with him and his parents…and returned the book of course. It was a wonderful unplanned visit and I'm glad I got to see them on my whirlwind trip through Southern Indiana. I thought about “forgetting” the book in my car and making him drive to Pittsburgh this morning to get it, but I was a nice girlfriend and gave it back.

Then it was back in the car for the 6 8 hour drive back to Pittsburgh. Why does every road on every route I take have construction? Seriously, do not travel with me. I have bad luck! Now that it’s Monday, I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.   

How was your weekend?

Are you celebrating a birthday/graduation/wedding this month?

Have you ever had a Primanti Bros sandwich?

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