May 22, 2013

Weird Things Wednesday

Working in marketing is fun. One of the fun parts is keeping up with all of the ridiculous interesting things other companies are testing to try to win our (the consumers'!) business. Here are a few weird things I found this week………….

Seriously – Brazil has got it goin’ on. Remember the Tweet Pee? The latest to come out of the country that is now on my must visit list is rented DVDs that smell like Domino’s Pizza. The company uses thermal ink to make the DVD look like a pizza and flavored varnish to make your living room smell like pizza when the DVD is ejected from your DVD player!
Check this out:

Numero Dos: You’re Dentist KNOWS 
There’s this new toothbrush, the beam brush,  that syncs with your smartphone and notifies not only your dentist that you didn’t brush for the whole two minutes (or whatever), but your insurance company too! I think I’ll stick to my awesome $1 toothbrush Thank. You. Very. Much.
PS – I’m cool with Coke tracking my every move through their magic machine. I don’t know how much data they get from my random Poweraid mixes though…
They're Watching You!

Last up: I wish I was cool enough to get paid to drink
If someone paid me for every margarita I've consumed in the last four years, I could retire tomorrow. I could retire today if I was also paid for every bud light I drank. After taking this quiz, I want to be friends with Jay-Z and Kenny Chesney in the hopes that I might get to enjoy some free beverages. I also want to be friends with JT because, well, who doesn't?

Well hello to you too :)

How many celeb/beverage matches did you get right?

What’s your favorite combo at the magic Coke machine?

What weird things have you discovered this week?

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