August 15, 2013

Wedding Venues: The Search is ON

The first two questions that everyone asks when you tell them you’re engaged are when is it? and where is it? For the first few weeks after getting engaged our answers were a confused mumbled mess of sentences that included the phrases “after we graduate” and “Louisville”.

We are now able to answer the first question (sort of)! We've picked a Saturday night in June 2015. Justin wants to steer clear of June 13th“since it will eventually fall on a Friday” and that’s as far as we've gotten.  

Knowing that we have almost two years to plan the wedding is reassuring. It’s more than enough time to plan…I hope!  We lose some planning days since (a) neither of us live in the city where we are getting married and (b) we do not live in the same city (or state, or part of the country) as each other. Since we were both spending time in Southern Indiana in August, we decided in would be a good time to go tour some venues. My list started with 23 venues on it. Justin sent me a list with one venue that he thought would be cool and a note that I probably had every other place in the tri-state area on my list….men...
No, we did not visit 23 places. I narrowed my list down to 15 after looking at event space pictures, capacity, price, etc. Then I sent my list to my mom, my MOH and to Justin and we narrowed it down to 7 (I can make important work decisions in a matter of seconds, but it takes me weeks to make personal decisions).

We spent the last week researching the 7 venues and taking tours. We had a few things in mind when we started our search:
  • Downtown (view of the river is a plus)
  • Ceremony and reception in the same place
  • Outside ceremony space
  • Big dance floor
  • Awesome photo opportunities
  • Close to hotels
  • The groom must be able repel in from the ceiling or parachute in from a helicopter (guess who’s criteria that was)? 

After each visit, Justin and I made a pro and con list for the venue. We then ranked the venues in order of our favorites (have I mentioned that I am a very anal detailed person?). We had a few matches as we went down the list, but our top choice never matched….until the 2nd to last tour.

Ladies & Gents, I think we have found THE PERFECT venue. I was so excited that I took my mom back to tour with me yesterday and ask all of the questions I forgot to ask the first time we were there (the only question I could think of on the first visit was CAN WE BOOK TODAY?).  The next step is to put down a deposit. It’s hard to believe we’re planning already…it still seems pretty far away…but hey, time flies when you’re having fun! 

Less than 685 days to go!!!!

Engaged/Married People: What questions did you ask your venue?

Louisville People: Where is the best spot for photos on the river?

Everybody: Let's play guess the date/place...what do you think??


  1. June is a great month for a wedding. I can't wait to plan mine one day! I was married before but we didn't have a ceremony. ANYWHO, I nominated you for the Liebester award! See my blog post tomorrow You deserve it! I love reading your blog!


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