August 24, 2014

Disappearing Act

Remember that time I told you I thought I was going to have tons of free time to blog this summer? Yea….sorry about that!

 Since I know how much you all love hearing about my life, I’ll start by filling you in on our 4th of July trip. Justin and I roadtripped down to Florida to visit my brother and his family. My mom and sister were down there at the same time so it was quite the party. 

We spent lots of time at the beach.

We played a very intense game of Monopoly and lit off fireworks on the 4th.

Then this little cutie took a 10 hour car ride with his mom and grandma to come visit Indiana & Kentucky.

He helped Aunt Kim with some work and went on a walk to visit his great-grandma.

He spent lots of time playing with Grandma Susan and went to his first ever Bats game with Grandpa Bob.

Also in July, we got some really exciting news about Justin's job! 
More on that later :)

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