June 20, 2014

365 Days To Go


When we got engaged last June, we decided on a 2-year engagement. Mostly because we thought it would be a good idea to live in the same state when we were married and also because we wanted a long time to plan. Here are a few of the things we have crossed off our planning list so far:

Set the Date: Mark your calendars for June 20, 2015! We knew we wanted a summer wedding and we went with the month of June. We also knew that we wanted a Saturday wedding. Justin had one request: that we not get married on the 13th on the off chance our anniversary would fall on Friday, the 13th some year (weirdo).

Find a Venue: Justin and I (Ok, it was mostly me) had a pretty specific set of criteria when we were searching for venues. We ended up finding the PERFECT place. We’re getting married at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville. We’ll mostly hang out on the top floor (which has floor to ceiling windows and a gorgeous view of the river), but our guests will also have access to the entire museum during our cocktail hour. We’re having the ceremony & reception in one place. It’s so much easier for us and our guests. There are a bazillion places to take pictures and it is walking distance from multiple hotels.

Wedding Party: This was seriously the hardest task ever. There are so many special people in our lives and we wanted to include everyone! Justin made a few phone calls and I searched Pinterest for the most awesome way to ask my friends to be in the wedding party. I’ll introduce everyone to you on here eventually and on the wedding website…if I ever get one made!

Photographer: An awesome photographer was high on my list of wedding priorities. You all might be eating mediocre food, but I will definitely have tons of pictures to remember our wedding day! We met with a bunch of photographers. They all had great portfolios, but we ultimately decided we wanted to work with Jason Holzworth. We loved his work and he's a pretty cool guy to hang out with. We had our engagement photos taken last weekend had a blast! Stay tuned for a complete recap :)

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I got around to making a wedding binder last month. I feel a little bit like Monica Geller, but it’s really convenient having everything in one place!

 Next on the wedding list: officiant, DJ, and dress shopping!
 Married/Engaged people: What was the best & worst part of wedding planning?

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