March 4, 2015

The Girl Behind The Blog

When I told The Professor I wanted to do a “behind the blog interview” for both of us, he looked at me like I was crazy. I was updating my About Page on my new blog that I’ll be launching this month and wanted something more exciting than the normal boring paragraphs about my life. Eventually he got on board with the interviews and we had a blast doing these over dinner one night. We recorded our interviews so that I could go back and transcribe them in all of their wonderful detail. If I can figure out how, I’m going to add some sound clips, because it was hilarious! 

Without further ado…here is my interview:

J: What is one goal that you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
K: One that’s top of mind right now…is to publish my writing. So whether it’s an article in a newspaper or magazine…something… Nothing scholarly, just writing for total fun on a subject I love. And hopefully a topic that other people appreciate reading about and learning about.

J:  What is one thing I (The Professor) do that bugs you the most?
K: [Zero hesitation here, people.]
J: They’ll make it to a trashcan eventually!
K: Boys are disgusting.

J:  What’s your favorite cereal?
K: Lucky Charms
J: Why?
K: Marshmallows. Duh. 

J: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you?
K: Do I have internet access?
K: Hey bro, wifi goes far.
J: [Glare. A loving glare, but it was still a glare :)]
K: Fine. I would take a scrunchie because if it’s an island, the humidity probably has my hair out to here. And I would take my iPad, preloaded with tons of books from the kindle library.
J: [Insert mumbles here about battery life and no chargers on the island.]
K: Well fine then I would take a book…ohhh…I was about to say Harry Potter but I can’t pick just one. Can I take ONE set of books?
J: [Insert another glare here]…that’s fine.
K: Alright! A scrunchie, the complete set of Harry Potter books, and…I would also take a jumbo bottle of sunscreen.
J: Good idea – you would be like human bacon out there.

J: Name one thing you miss about being a kid.
K: Family vacations, swimming in my aunt’s pool, and eating lots of popsicles…and barbies and being a Girl Scout. Can that all count as one thing?

J: What song are you listening to on repeat right now?
K: Katie Perry, Roar. I’ve listed to that song like, a THOUSAND times since the Super Bowl.

J: What is your favorite drink? Alcoholic drink?
K: My favorite drink is unsweet tea from McAllister’s with 5 spenda
J: So…sugar water…ok
K: And my favorite alcoholic drink is Long Island Ice Tea.

J: What punctuation mark best describes your personality?
K: An exclamation point. Because I’m loud and easily excitable :) Also because I'm passionate about everything I do and always put forth my best effort. Plus,  I always try to be smiling and putting good vibes out in the world.

J: Which Friends character are you?
K: Monica. I’m weirdly organized and a bit of a control freak.
J: This is true. You’re definitely a Monica. You plan everything. Which Friends character am I?
K: You’re like a mixture between Chandler and Ross. You’re a Chaross. No – you’re just a Ross. You’re a huge nerd, but a a very lovable nerd. The only difference is that you're not allowed to have three divorces. You're stuck with me FOREVER.
J: This is bull. I’m Chandler because I’m HILARIOUS. I’m funny and nobody knows what I do for a living!
[And this argument conversation went on for another 5 minutes before we got back to the interview…]

J: If you had a pet monkey and you could train it to do one trick, what would it do?
K: I would train it to go to Orange Leaf and bring me FroYo every single night.
J: Yea –well. I would train it for you to do the dishes because I know you hate the dishes.
K: …yea…that would be nice. We need a dishwasher in our next house fo sho…hey – can you go get me some FroYo after this, monkey? And then maybe finish up the dishes?
J: ......

Stay tuned for Friday's post. I interviewed The Professor so that you all can get to know him a little bit better too! In the meantime, it's your turn:

What's your favorite cereal?
Which Friends character are you?

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