March 24, 2013

Fried Pickles & Butler Basketball

The Boy and I had THE BEST fried pickles yesterday. I had never had fried pickles until we started dating but Justin likes them so I tried them. It was a good decision. It was actually warm outside yesterday (a whopping 39 degrees!), so we went down to the South Side to explore and find a spot to watch the March Madness games.

We ended up at Carson City Saloon and ordered the pickles. It's a great sports bar and even though this is a hockey town, they welcomed these Butler Basketball fanatics for the day.

Ok - more like one Butler Basketball fanatic and one boyfriend who now understands that he has to become a Butler Basketball fanatic in order to get the final rose some day (yep. that's a Bachelor reference :))

We were joined by my co-workers who also moved from Louisville to Pittsburgh last year. We were rep-ing our UofL and Butler gear all day. It was a nice little feel of home. Right before the Butler game we discovered that the bar sells these ginormous blue drinks. It's called the Papa Smurf. I renamed it Butler Magic for the night.

Even though we lost, I'm proud of the Butler team. The loss stung, but that's ok. We'll be back next year, continuing to play the Butler Way. After the Butler game, I became an instant Wichita St. fan. Ya gotta love the underdogs. I'm officially in last place in the bracket pool, but I don't even care :)

After a scrumptious double cheeseburger and french fry breakfast, we decided to watch the IU game from the comfort of the couch this afternoon. Let's go Hoosiers!


What's your favorite bar food?

How's your bracket looking after this weeks' games?

What's your go to "recovery food"?
- Double cheeseburger & diet coke for this girl