March 19, 2013

SPRING BREAK! ...sorta

Who hasn't blogged in nearly a month and feels bad for leaving her readers hanging? (Hangs head guiltily and raises hand) This girl. I thought about making 100 excuses, but I’ll just stick to one…It’s been a busy month!

I survived my first round of Grad School midterms. I went through lots of barbecue chips and diet coke but I made it through to Spring Break with two A’s (tooting my own horn here, I was pumped).

Turns out Grad School Spring Break isn't really a Spring Break since you still have to work everyday, but I managed to have fun all the same. I spent the week in Indiana catching up with family and friends. It’s crazy how much I miss home!

The Boy & I went to the Reverse Raffle to support my elementary school. We were at a table with the  “Huber Grandkids” and we had a blast. If you don’t know how a Reverse Raffle works, here's the 411.
                                               200 tickets are sold
                                                           Every so often they draw a ticket. If it’s your number, you’re out!
                                     (The Boy kept us entertained by yelling, “TOP 150; TOP 107)
                  The last ticket remaining wins the $$$ (the pot was $500)

There’s an extra step for the last 10 people though. The last 10 people get called to the front of the room. They have the option to split the money between the 10 people or “Play On.” If they play on, they keep drawing tickets and the number of participants continues to decline. Wouldn't you know it; The Boy was one of the final 10! He went into it saying that when it got down to 7 people, he would split the pot. His fellow finalists weren't so keen on that plan. They kept playing until it got down to the final three people. Justin spit the pot with the other two people and walked away with $167 (We’re RICH!)!

We put that money to good use the following weekend - dinner, salsa dancing, and a night out on the town in Knoxville. I really wish I would have remembered to take pictures, but the $5 Long Islands were blocking that part of my brain. Cocoa Moon in Knoxville  gives Bachata & Salsa lessons on Friday nights. I have two left feet and I’m surprised at how decent I was after an hour of lessons!  … or maybe the $5 Long Islands were affecting that part of my brain too. Regardless, it was another great weekend in Knoxville.

The only down side of the weekend was the 9 hour drive back to Pittsburgh on the one 75 degree day of the year. It’s back to 30 degrees and snow in lovely PA. People keep telling me they do have a summer here…I won’t hold my breath! My mom is in town this week and I have lots of stories and apartment updates to share. Stay Tuned….

What types of fundraisers does your school/church have?

Have you taken dance lessons?

What’s the weather like where you are?