April 23, 2013

Couch Potatoes & Bowling

Couch Potato (n)a lazy person who does nothing but sit on the couch and watch television, usually while eating.

Last weekend consisted of a lot of couch sitting and a lot of eating…two of my favorite things. The Boy sent me an e-mail last week and told me to come up with a list of my Top 10 Favorite Chick Flicks and that we could watch them since we normally only watch “boy movies.” Big mistake on his part – I sent back a list of twenty AND I have in writing that he will watch them with me and not make fun of them (now if I could only get that promise for the next season of the Bachelor/ette…).

Numero Uno on my list – Father of the Bride (my all time favorite movie!). Since you can’t watch the first movie without watching the second one, we watched them both. While we watched we enjoyed this (sort of) healthy dessert. I don't know if it has a name so I'm going to call it Pineapple Fluff Cake. 

We went bowling on Saturday night with our Pittsburgh Friends. Fun Fact: The bowling alley was BYOB. How cool is that? Blue was the color of the night. I managed to only throw gutter balls 10 out of 20 frames so I consider it a success.

Thanks for the photo bomb Justin....

Sunday was spent catching Justin up on Friends (the greatest television show of all time). Can you believe he’s never seen them? I told him that if he expects this relationship to last long term, he needs to be able to quote every line of every episode back to me (seriously…I’m that obsessed!). We finished season one and he passed his exam with flying colors.

After Season 1, here are The Boy's:
Favorite Character: Chandler Bing
Line Most Repeated: Jack Gellar, buried at sea.

 What’s your favorite chick flick?
Are you any good at bowling?
Favorite character/line/season of Friends?
- Can you believe season one aired in 1994?

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