May 30, 2013

Pick ME! Agree with ME!

Remember when I talked about the new He Said She Said section for the blog? Well, here it is! The very first post! This is something The Boy and I have discussed, like, a bazillion times. He doesn't think sheets are necessary. I can't imagine my bed without them!

Sheets? Sheets are stupid. There’s nothing a sheet can do that a good comforter can’t replace. Those of you that like sheets probably enjoy having your shoe laces tied together while you walk, or wedgies. It’s just an unnecessary annoyance that can easily be avoided, like wearing boxers instead of nut-hugging tighty-whiteys to avoid butt flossing. To fully pick up what I’m puttin’ down, ask yourself how many nights you've gone to bed, tucked in all snuggly-wuggly in your sheet and comforter, only to wake up with a) no sheet, because you've kicked it onto the floor at the foot of the bed (probably because your sleep-self realized how stupid sheets are and did what you should have done a long time ago) or b) the sheet covering like maybe one nipple and your left elbow because you've somehow turned it over twice and it now resembles bow-tie pasta. BUT, how many times have you awakened to no comforter (unless your sig. other steals it, which is a totally different post)? NONE! Your trusty comforter is always there!

Poor Justin has to put up with my
mad bed-hogging skills that go
something like this :)

Bed Sheets are a girl’s best friend.
I mean, really, sliding into clean sheets after just shaving your legs is one of the best feelings ever. A bed is not complete without sheets. Sheets are the perfect way to stay warm and cool at the same time. Too hot? Just use the sheet. Too cold? Pull up the sheet.
Can you imagine a world without character sheets? Kids would be so sad. I still remember my awesome Little Mermaid sheets. And what about the day you switch to flannel sheets every year…the first time you snuggle up with the windows open on a crisp fall evening….magical!
Plus – if there were no sheets, how would it be possible to build living room forts? Everyone loves a good living room fort! You know what else you can do with a sheet – Toga party. Enough said. Sheets are awesome.

So what do you think?
Sheets? or No Sheets?

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