June 11, 2014

Runners are the Best Kind of People

Last Wednesday was National Running Day...so of course it is natural for me to post about it a week later! National Running Day is a day that runners coast-to-coast celebrate their passion for running. Justin and I celebrated with a rainy 5 mile run in downtown Pittsburgh. 

Since Justin is only here one week a month, I usually run by myself. This means I have 3-5 miles worth of time to think about things. My brain usually bounces all over the place when I’m running…from what I’m eating for dinner to how I would spend my money if I won the lottery. Sometimes I write speeches and sometimes I come up with witty comebacks that would have worked in a conversation I had 3 days ago.

A few weeks back, I started thinking about WHY I RUN and the answer I put on the banner at the KY Derby Runner’s Expo. I had one answer at the Expo but by the time I finished my run that day, I had quite a few reasons why I run.

I asked my Facebook & Twitter friends why they ran. Here are some of their answers:

The reason for running has changed throughout the years, from wanting to compete for my school, fitness and weight management, competing as an individual, etc - but I always come back to the sense of accomplishment...although now I love doing it to get some quiet time away from home!! – Kari C.

Because my wife, Kari C, makes me. - Phil C.

So I’m not a fat ass. – Jess L.

I like pain A LOT. I also like it because it's the only place where it's socially acceptable to "farmer blow" your nose and no one thinks anything of it! – Matt O.

To have some me time…to challenge myself…to enjoy my ice cream more. – Abby V.

Because who knows. Something may be chasing you one day. And it would be nice to be fast in that moment. – Brian B.

I started running right after college because I was depressed. I wasn't in college anymore and bored out of my mind. I also wanted to see if I could be more naturally competitive if I competed against myself, since I never really was when I played team sports in HS. – Karen E.

Because I wasn't good at any other sport! - Nathan S.

I run because it's the only thing left to do after the swim and bike!  But seriously, I run because I want to (not because it's on my training schedule), I think I do it because running ignites ALL of the senses. – Justin R.

So tell me: Why do YOU run? 
Did you participate in National Running Day?

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