June 3, 2014

Location Scouting & Kissy-Faces

Even though our wedding is over a year away, we’ve started the planning process. We’re going to need longer than usual since we basically have one week a month for the next 12 months to get everything accomplished! While we were home in May, we scheduled our engagement photos, got our outfits together, and scouted a few locations.

We knew we wanted our pictures done in the summer so we had limited weekends to choose from since we only get back to the area once a month. Once we confirmed the date with our photographer, we I started planning our outfits for the day. We have two hours so I wanted three outfits, one formal and two casual. My entire wardrobe came from Dress and Dwell. If I ever win the lottery, more than 50% of my winnings will be spent at that store. We stopped at the outlet malls on our way back to Pittsburgh this weekend and found The Boy some new shirts so that he will look all spiffy for the pictures. 

Justin suggested Bernheim Forest for our photo location. He worked there while he was in High School so he knew all of the cool places. I’ve only been there once or twice and couldn’t for the life of me remember what anything looked like. While we were in town for Memorial Day we went down and did some scouting. We found some cool spots and took some high quality iPhone pictures so that we could remember all of the places we stopped in.

Prepare yourself...we are super photogenic people :)

Justin's best kissy-face
We're weird like that...

Engaged/Married People: Do you have any tips or tricks we should keep in mind during our photo session?

Do you live near a state park?
I really want to go back and run some of the trails we saw while we were at Bernheim!

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