September 23, 2014

Fish Eye Wine Is My Friend

I’m not a wine expert but I do love me some wine. When I received the opportunity to review Fish Eye wines I said yes without even thinking. Now that I’m an “adult” I try to buy wine in bottles as opposed to wine in boxes (don’t be fooled though…I balk at anything over $10/bottle). My freebie was for Fish Eye boxed wine though so I went to the liquor store and picked one up.

Boxed Wine Review

The boxes were all so fun and bright; I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to sit on my counter! I’m a red wine drinker so that narrowed down my choice. Ultimately, I chose the Shiraz. Each box of wine contains the same amount as 4 BOTTLES OF WINE! I paid $21 for a box but since that initial purchase, I’ve seen these bad boys go on sale for $15. That’s right ladies and gents…$15 FOR FOUR BOTTLES OF WINE!

4 Bottles of Wine in 1 Bag!

If I had to describe Fish Eye wines in one word, it would be fun. The boxes are fun, the marketing copy is fun, and the taste is fun. Fish Eye lists out some food pairing options on their boxes, but I don’t really pay attention to those. I tend to pair my wine with episodes of Bachelor in Paradise and other fantabulous reality TV shows or while drafting my fantasy football team...

Wine & Football

Fish Eye wine tastes great. I really enjoyed it on night one when I brought home my box. My biggest problem with wine is that I live by myself. As hard as I try, there are times when the wine starts to oxidize and taste funny before I can finish a bottle. Fish Eye promises freshness for SIX WEEKS with their box wine. Mine didn’t last a full six weeks, but I can totally vouch that after four weeks, it was still pretty fresh. Some of you wine experts might disagree with me, but I couldn’t taste any difference!

I was so enthralled by this wine that you better believe it’s what I’ll be contributing to Girl’s Night from here on out. NOW…all of you should go buy a box of Fish Eye wine and invite me over for a glass!

Have you ever tried Fish Eye Wine?
What are your thoughts on boxed wine?

I was not compensated for this post but I did receive a rebate for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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