September 11, 2014


August 1st was a good day. I was FINALLY finished with summer classes and packing my bags to head to New Orleans! I met my BFF/college roommate/bridesmaid Jess for a 5 day whirlwind vacation. We hadn’t seen each other for an ENTIRE YEAR which is way to long.

After a friend-tastic reunion at the airport, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed to Bourbon Street for a Hand Grenade. One of the first things we saw was a wedding parading down the road, which instantly made me want a wedding parade down the streets of Louisville (JenVern – make it happen!). 

Bourbon Street Wedding Parade

We made it to Jackson Square and walked around looking at the scenery and art displays. We also got some great pictures of St Louis Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedral

After exploring and wandering up and down Bourbon Street for a while, we suddenly realized exactly how much alcohol is in those wonderful hand grenades and walked into the nearest restaurant for some food. I can’t even begin to explain Bourbon Street on Saturday night…it is everything you see in the movies! Jess and I loaded up on some beads (no mom, we didn’t take our tops off!). Turns out, drunk college guys will throw beads at everyone! If you weren’t careful, you could get knocked out by giant flying beads!

We woke up on Sunday and decided to go to the famous Café Du Monde for some beniegts. The line was so long that we promptly turned and went next door to Stanley Restaurant for a DELICIOUS breakfast and tons of coffee. The St. Louis Cathedral was open on Sunday morning so we got to go inside. It was insanely beautiful.

Because we are nerds, we spent the day exploring the Aquarium and went to an IMAX film. After the IMAX we walked down to Magazine Street. Magazine Street is known for antique shops and boutiques. The walk was much longer than we expected, but we justified the calorie loss with plans for a few more hand grenades that night! 

On Sunday night, we went on a Haunted History Tour through the City. It was a two hour walking tour and I highly recommend it for anyone traveling to New Orleans. The tour far exceeded our expectations. The guide spared us cheesy ghost stories and instead shared with us with the creepy, weird, REAL history stories of the city. New Orleans is an old city and there is so much history. We visited the LaLaurie mansion and heard tales of the torture that happened inside, we learned a little about the ancient art of VooDoo, and stopped into the oldest bar in America for a Voodoo Daiquiri and stories of pirates and smugglers! Our guide said that people often capture spirits in their picture of this door. Jess and I didn't see anything....can you?

LaLaurie House

Days 1 and 2 were exhausting BUT so much fun! 

Have you been to New Orleans?
What was your favorite part of your trip?

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