February 5, 2013

Food, Beyonce, & Football

This past weekend I finally got to explore a little bit of the city I now call home. Justin braved the snowy mountains and a nine hour drive to take me out to dinner on Saturday night. After a Google search, an Urban Spoon search, and a Groupon search, we decided on Penn Brewery. If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, I highly recommend it. The food was incredible and the beer was even better. We got the sampler, so we tried 10 different locally brewed beers. The most interesting beer was the Chocolate Meltdown. I swear it tasted exactly like chocolate milk! Justin preferred the Penn Dark (Dunkel…no surprise there!).

We tried out the famous (infamous?) Eat’n Park after Church for Sunday Brunch. It was surprisingly good! I ate more food than I should probably eat in a week…it was worth it. We thought about finding a bar to watch the Beyonce Concert…er…Super Bowl, but decided to make our favorite tailgate foods and watch it at home instead. Justin was representing the NFC in his Cardinals shirt & I decided to rep the AFC in my Colts shirt. 

Justin made his dad’s famous chicken wings & I made pinwheels. The chicken wing recipe can be found in my blog post from last March. I promise to post the pinwheel recipe later this week! 

Since you can’t buy your beer, liquor, and groceries at the same place in Pittsburgh (don’t get me started…), Justin and I took a tour of the Wine & Spirits shop near my house on Saturday. We found “DUDE” on the shelf and decided we had to try it. The all mighty internet told us that if we mixed it with Sprite, it would taste exactly like Mt. Dew. I don’t know if I would go that far, but it is definitely an AWESOME drink. Seriously, this stuff is dangerous! 

It was a perfect weekend. The only bad part was watching the boy pack up his stuff and load up the Honda. This whole long distance thing is no fun. I’m ready for Spring Break!

What was your favorite commercial?

Which team were you rooting for?

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl snack?