February 8, 2013


I made pinwheels for the boy and I to enjoy during the Beyonce concert...er...Super Bowl last weekend. It was an afterthought, and I whipped them together with random stuff from the fridge. I would probably never survive the first round of Chopped, but I was pretty impressed with how they turned out.

Here's What You Need:
Cream Cheese
Chopped green onions
Shredded Cheese
Sliced Ham
Sliced Turkey
Hot Sauce

Here's What You Do:
1) Mix the cream cheese, green onions, and shredded cheese
2) Spread the mixture on the tortillas
3) Add Ham, Turkey, or a Mixture of the two
4) Sprinkle hot sauce on a few 
5) Roll the tortillas
6) Slice into fifths

Seriously people, it's that simple. And they taste AWESOME!