May 19, 2013

I ate way too much & NOT THE CHIEF!

Last Thursday The Boy and I had the neighbors up for dinner. Let’s pause for a minute and reflect on why I am destined to be best friends with my neighbor.

  • I have a pink microwave, she has a pink DVD player (if we had our way, all of our appliances would be pink!
  • I love shoes, she loves shoes
  • I love thebachelor, she loves the bachelor
  • I love buffalo chicken & brownies, she loves buffalo chicken & brownies

Which brings me back to dinner on Thursday. Justin made an AMAZING buffalo chicken casserole for dinner. This recipe is definitely going in the book for future meals! I meant to take a picture, but we devoured that sucker. For dessert I made Ghirardelli caramel turtle brownies. We topped them with vanilla ice cream. It was fabulous. If I had been wearing jeans, it would have been a pop the top button kind of dinner. Thank goodness for gym shorts!

After dinner I convinced Justin to watch the Grey’s Anatomy season finale with me. Who else was having heart palpitations during the entire episode? Thanks Shonda Rhimes for another stressful/amazing Thursday night! 
By the way, check out this link for a recap of all Grey's Finales. They have all been awesome!
I spent the entire episode making wild guesses and who was going to bite the dust last season. Meredith, Jackson, Bailey? Although, after last season’s finale, I thought for sure everyone would make it through!

My other thoughts:

I thought Lauren would turn out to be a crazy stalker and she would bring Arizona & Callie closer together instead  of tearing them apart :(

I am so glad Bailey is back to being Bailey. I missed her sassiness these past few episodes.

I wish Mer & Der hadn’t named the baby Bailey – I get that it’s a Grey’s tradition, but c’mon, be original!

I really hope Jo and Alex work out. I’ve always liked Alex, even through all of his crazy over the years.

I feel really bad for the hot paramedic, but I hope April & Jackson get together again next season.

Christina annoys me. Always has. Still does. Owen can do much better – let’s hope that relationship is over.

I did like her moment in the ER with Dr. Weber. He is seriously one of the best characters on the show…

…and on that note – THEY CAN’T KILL THE CHIEF! I know his part has been smaller these past few seasons, but I can’t imagine Grey’s without him.

What do you think? Is Richard really dead?
Which shows can you NOT miss an episode of?
Do you get as involved with your TV show characters as I do?
Some days, I feel like they are real people and they are my friends :)          

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