May 23, 2013

Two Super Cool New Things

Number One:

 Get excited people! Guest posts are coming soon...starting with my cousin Shelby. 

Fun facts about Shelby:
She graduated from nursing school this year, bought a house, and is getting married this summer! 

She really likes giraffes, 

and her fiance

Not necessarily in that order...but maybe...she REALLY likes giraffes :)

Number Two:
Keep your eyes open for is the first installment of He Said/She Said. You know how I told you that The Boy stayed with me for 10 WHOLE DAYS this month? Well, we found ourselves talking about the most randomist bunch of things while we were on our evening walks through the neighborhood. That led to a list of all random things we agree to disagree on.

For example: I love sheets. Justin however, does not think sheets are a necessary bedding item (weirdo). I was so entertained by his reasoning (like, doubled over laughing at the ridiculousness of it), that I told him we had to write a blog post. Since he's a good blog boyfriend, you'll all be able read all about it next week. 

Stay tuned...

Oh - and if you're interested in guest blogging or have an idea for He Said/She Said, let me know!

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