April 26, 2014

10 Miles & March Madness

Did I mention that I ran a half marathon last Saturday?  Well…I did! I promise to eventually give you a recap :) Training for it was a real hassle. Between work, class, and terrible weather, I had to really cut back from my original plan. When I was in Louisville or when Justin was in Pittsburgh, it was easier to get my runs in outside (I do almost all of my runs on the treadmill in Pittsburgh).

For my 10 mile run, we decided to run a part of the Pittsburgh Marathon course. It was actually a pretty awesome run. I even got to see parts of the city I had never been to before! 

We started at Station Square, ran down Carson Street, and crossed the Birmingham Bridge. Our next leg took us into downtown Pittsburgh -> past Duquesne University and almost down to Market Square. We made the turn and took off down Liberty, passed Consol Energy Center (where the Penguins play) and headed towards the strip district. We had to make a few detours when we got to the strip district. There were so many people out walking around! I have not explored that area of town yet and will definitely be headed back now that it is warmer outside. Back to the run -> from the strip district, we headed back towards downtown. We crossed the 9th Street Bridge to run on the North Shore past PNC Park (where the Pirates play!). We crossed the Ft. Duquesne Bridge (right before Heinz Field (where the Steelers play!) and ran through Point State Park. From Point State Park, we walked back across Fort Pitt Bridge and to the car. It was an AWESOME run. I might just have to add the Pittsburgh Marathon to my bucket list so that I can experience it in all of its glory.

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After our run, Justin and I went down to the Southside for our Second Annual March Madness Celebration. Even though Butler and IU weren’t in the tournament, we still had fun rooting for UofL, UK, and Tennessee. I always forget how much I love fried pickles smothered in ranch. I should really eat them more often. I also ate my body weight in chips and salsa at Emilianos and tried the weirdest vodka drink I’ve ever heard of at the Library. Get this: the bartender soaked all kinds of veggies in vodka: were red peppers, green peppers, celery, jalopenos…and probably some other things. It wasn’t that bad. Not really my thing, but if you ever get a chance, you have to try it! I only took one picture that day and it was this blurry iphone photo...some day I'll get better at carrying my camera around.

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