April 15, 2014

Kids at Heart

In February, I [finally] got to enjoy my Christmas present from the Boy. He got me tickets to see Shrek the Musical in Pittsburgh. One of our goals since moving here has been to get out and explore the city. Pittsburgh has a great Cultural District with great theaters, restaurants, and bars. I was really excited when the Boy got me tickets for Christmas it took forever for February to roll around to go see the show.

We started the night with dinner at Bucca di Beppo – I ate too much garlic bread, but it was totally worth it. We had time between dinner and the show so we decided to head downtown and check out a little bar that we had read about on the theater’s website. The Backstage Bar was probably one of the neatest places to grab a drink in Pittsburgh that I have discovered so far. The entrance is hidden and this place truly is a hidden gem in downtown. They had a live jazz band playing and the atmosphere was chill and relaxed. I had a wonderful glass of wine and the Boy tried out a bourbon (we’re so sophisticated!). We also split their Brownie Burst dessert…and by split I mean 80% Kim and 20% Justin…I tend to be a dessert hog.

The show was at the Byham Theater. We were probably the only adults in the theater who didn’t have a group of kiddos with them, but really – what adult doesn’t like Shrek?  We had great seats in the Mezzanine. Cool fact about the theater, if you buy one of their “sippy cups” you can take you drink into the theater to enjoy it during the show – totally worth the $3. I never thought I would drink wine through a straw...but I guess there is a first time for everything. The show was every bit as funny as the movie and the music was wonderful. We’re already looking for our next show to see…

Any theater buffs reading?
What show shows do you recommend?
Have you ever drank wine out of a sippy cup?

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