April 30, 2014

Mom Came to Visit!

Did I ever tell you guys that my mom is a teacher? She teaches junior high. In my head, I think about smelly boys and girls who are super dramatic….that’s probably why I don’t teach junior high. Anyway…the benefit of being a teacher is that you really do get a Spring Break every year! My mom’s school got two weeks this year (kids these days have it so easy). She spent the first week in Florida with my bother and his family and came to visit me the second week.

I had to work on Friday (what a drag) but I came home to a delicious dinner and a clean kitchen (that made me want to kidnap my mom and force her to stay forever!). We spent the weekend doing what we do best: shopping, eating, and watching movies. I was introduced to this salad which I have eaten every day since April 4th.

We watched Frozen on Friday night – my mom hadn’t seen it yet. This is my favorite seen. I want an Olaf.

We pretty much spent the entire day Saturday out shopping. I was peer pressured into buying 4 pairs of shoes and a new purse among lots of other house decorations and random Target “must haves.” We then went to a shoe shoppers anonymous meeting. Just kidding! But seriously...I need an intervention.

On Saturday night, we ate a ridiculous amount of snack food and watched a double feature of Just Go With It and Water for Elephants. Just Go With It was funny. You can’t go wrong with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Both of us had read Water for Elephants, but never saw the movie. The movie was great but as usual, did not live up to the book.

Despite my kidnapping attempt, my mom did leave when the weekend ended. So sad! She had to get home though to host a “Meet Levi” party. My brother and his family made the trip up to Clarksville and Levi got the meet the entire Huber family. I didn’t make it home, but I did get to skype in after class. These generation pictures are my favorite.

Do you get a Spring Break? What’s your favorite “Spring Break” activity?

What’s the last movie you watched, either at the theater or at home?

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