May 9, 2014

4 Down, 2 To Go

April was as busy, stressful month for us…especially the last two weeks.

For the girl à It was the end of the hardest semester of the MBA program yet. This semester was rough. I think part of it was that I really didn’t enjoy any of my classes. So far, I’ve had interesting classes with excellent professors. I think I picked the three worst classes and took them all in the same semester. Two of the classes were required and one was an elective. The fact that I wasn’t interested in the material left me with zero motivation when it came to studying on the weekends. I had one final project and two final exams and I was a happy girl when I walked out of that last exam last Tuesday.

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Speaking of the boy à Justin defended his dissertation proposal on the 23rd. This is a crazy important step in his dissertation process. I’m not going to pretend to completely understand it, but basically he had two hours to get in front of his dissertation committee and explain what he is studying. He had to explain all three of his papers, why his research questions are significant, and how he plans to answer those questions. He spent a lot of late nights in the office working on it and even had to pull a few all-nighters. He presented for two hours…and he passed! He is now officially, officially ABD :)

With everything going on, we stayed in our separate worlds for the entire month of April (except for Easter Weekend). Justin made the trek to Pittsburgh after my last final and we celebrated with a run, pizza, and beer…three of my favorite things! We did a 5 mile loop of downtown right after work and then headed straight to Gennaros for a deep dish pizza.

The summer semester doesn’t start for me until May 12th. I have enjoyed every free minute and am not not ready to start back on Monday!

Who else is taking classes over the summer?

What’s your quick fix for when you’re feeling stressed out?

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