May 14, 2014

Late To The Party

As usual, I am way behind the times in keeping up with Social Media trends. A few of my friends have been posting pictures on Instagram with the #100HappyDays hashtag. As I started seeing more and more images with this hashtag, I did a little research and decided to participate.

The 100 Happy Days challenge actually started on December 30th last year (best day of the year in my opinion). A 27 year old guy from Sweden inspired the challenge when he decided to record things that made him happy. The challenge isn’t a contest, it’s just a reminder to slow down and enjoy the small stuff. I can totally relate to being “super-busy,” but I am definitely not too busy/stressed out to take a moment each day and think about all of the great things in my life.

Here are the things that have made me happy lately:

Day 1: Finishing my 4th semester of grad school

Day 2: Justin coming to visit
Day 3: Skyping with my nephew

Day 4: Chocolate coconut peanut butter

Day 5: Derby Pie cupcakes

Day 6: Watching the Pittsburgh Marathon

Day 7: Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo

Day 8: Running downtown followed by $1 burgers on Bar Louie's outdoor patio

Day 9: Frozen Yogurt (and all of the toppings!)

Day 10: Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes & Boston Cream Donuts

Day 11: The Boy making fajitas

Day 12: 3 new pairs of shoes for less than $60

Day 13: Finally putting together a wedding binder!

Day 14: Nobody wanted fruit in our morning meeting so I commandeered the entire bowl

Day 15: Running outside & warm weather

(all pictures courtesy @kimberlymhuber Instagram account)

What makes you happy?

If you want to officially join the challenge, click HERE 


  1. I love DSW. Do you ever check out They have great shoe deals as well!

  2. When I lived in KY, we had a 6pm outlet 30 minutes from my house. I can't pass up a good deal on shoes :)


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