May 23, 2014

Work Best Friend

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to take a workplace engagement surveys….

We have to take one every year. I really do appreciate the company attempting to make sure that we are happy campers. My department head takes the survey pretty seriously. He goes through the results every year and has our HR representative come in to go over the results with us based on the responses from our department. I have to say, our marketing department is a pretty content group. Other than everybody voting to implement nap time (which hasn’t happened yet), there aren’t many negatives in our survey results. 

I suppose that there are serious issues in other department/companies (otherwise…why would we have these?...), so I really should take the survey seriously. I took our survey recently and although I answered the questions appropriately…I had some pretty hysterical conversations with friends while we filled it out :)

I'm pretty sure these examples make it clear that I do have a work best friend or 2 (other than the coffee pot)! My job is pretty great and I work with some pretty great people. Keep your fingers crossed....maybe this will be the year they take my siesta request seriously. 

Do you have a work best friend?

Do any other cube-dwellers read Dilbert? 
- The comics literally make me laugh out loud!

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  1. Omg, want to know something funny? I'm the HR person in that story, and we just got our employee engagement survey results back and I'm conducting all of these meetings and blah, my life is consumed with graphs right now. Do we work at the same company? haha.

    I think you totally should say "coffee pot" for work bff, hilarious!


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