May 16, 2014

Beer + Running = World Record

I feel like I've neglected talking about running on this blog and we need to change that. I spend time every morning checking e-mail & returning voicemails reading articles on Runner’s World (in case my boss is reading, I promise I do the other things too). Here are a couple of interesting articles that I came across recently:

  • On April 27th, James Nielsen broke the beer mile world record. He did it with a 4:57 mile! That time alone is impressive, but considering he slammed a beer every 400 meters…that’s really really impressive. Apparently it’s all about the science. There are 2.6 liters of carbon dioxide in one can of beer – multiply that by 4 and imagine the discomfort! Nielson said the key it to warm up the can of beer to get the gas on top of the liquid. When you open the can, it will release more of the CO2. A Beer Mile has officially been added to the bucket list…although it might take me longer than 4:57.
  • May 6th was the 60th anniversary of Roger Bannister’s sub-4 minute mile. Back in the 30’s & 40’s, the four minute mile was considered “the impossible barrier.” Many runners got within a second or two, but no one could achieve the goal to get under 4 minutes. Bannister’s mile became a symbol of human achievement. You can watch a video of his mile HERE. In 1975, the mile record went under 3:50 and in 1999, the fastest mile to date was run in 3:43.13. Less than a month after Bannister ran a sub-4, Diane Leather broke the women’s mile record with a sub-5 minute mile. The current record for the women stands at 4:12.56 (achieved in 1996). My fastest mile time is a 6:08 which I ran my junior year of high school. My most recent mile PR is a 6:18. My goal is to get back to the 6:08…I can’t imagine running a sub-4!

 Have you ever attempted a beer mile?
What is your fastest mile time (beer or non-beer)?
Do you think we’ll ever see a sub-4 in the women’s mile?

PS - If you need a gift idea for a runner, get them a subscription to Runner’s World. My brother & sister-in-law renewed my subscription for Christmas last year. Behind my iPad, it was my second favorite gift last year :)

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