February 4, 2015

Super Bowl Commercials 2015

Last weekend was a whirlwind. On Saturday, we packed my entire life up into a Uhaul and made the 7 hour drive from Pennsylvania to Kentucky. I have a whole post planned to talk about the move, so you’ll have to wait until Friday for the scoop.

I spent ALL. DAY. Sunday unpacking boxes. The Professor helped carry everything to the correct floor of the house and then locked himself away in the office to get to work on lesson plans.

When it came time for the commercials and Katy Perry show (and that game thing), we crashed on the couch to relax. Neither of us cared who won. In my head, I was still rooting for the Colts...

I was IN LOVE with the halftime show. Katy Perry is amazing! Also – did anyone else jump off the couch and start rapping when Missy showed up? #middleschoolflashbacks

The commercials were interesting this year. They weren't as funny/awesome as I had hoped they would be. There were tons of serious commercials this year. I wasn't a fan of the Nationwide commercial, but that's enough about the commercials we didn't like.

Here are a few of the commercials that we did like!
BMW did a pretty impressive job. 
Budweiser (one again) pulled on the heartstrings with an adorable puppy. 
The Professor laughed out loud at the Skittles commercial and the Avocado commercial
I loved the dad theme - because dad's are THE BEST: #RealStrength
Jeep made me want to travel wold.
Coke was on point. #MakeItHappy
And Always made me want to go run a marathon, own a business, and conquer the world. #LikeAGirl

Did you watch the Super Bowl?
What was your favorite commercial?

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