February 20, 2015

We Booked Our Honeymoon!

We are only 4 months away from the big day! We made some BIG decisions in February – the most exciting decision was where to take our HONEYMOON.

We spent a long time deciding on whether or not to take a honeymoon. Newsflash: THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. I talked to a few of my close friends – some who had taken a honeymoon and some who had not. They all gave me really great advice and ultimately, we decided that we wanted the experience of a honeymoon and that it would be worth the money to take the trip now instead of looking back and wishing we had taken the trip.

A long time ago, we decided that if we were going to take a honeymoon that we wanted to book our trip at a Sandals resort. We wanted tropical, beach, activities, and relaxation all in one. We also knew that we didn’t want to worry about a single thing once we got on the plane. All inclusive was the way to go for us.

We spent FOREVER exploring all of the Sandals resorts online. The Professor has already been to Jamaica so it was easy for us to cross that location off the list. We knew that we wanted to do a few excursions and we wanted to experience them together (The Professor has already seen the sites in Jamaica).

Seriously – all of the resorts looked amazing. We ultimately ended up choosing St. Lucia. Our resort has a bunch of restaurants, bars (including swim up bars), and excursions and activities for us to do.

Check out these pictures I pulled from the resort website:

We haven’t picked our excursions and activities, but these are two that we are looking at:

Hiking the waterfall
Hiking an active volcano!

Another February Wedding Success: All bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses have been ordered! Check out how beautiful my cousins and sister-in-law look in their dresses! The socks really make the outfits perfect. 

 My bridesmaids are wearing navy and my junior bridesmaids are wearing this pink.

By the next time I update you on the wedding, my wedding dress will be here and I hope to have the invitations ordered and centerpieces made. Stay tuned!

Tell me your favorite place to vacation.
What were your wedding colors?

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