February 9, 2015

Half Marathon Training Week 1

Last Monday was the first day of training for my Spring Half Marathon. One way I’m going to stay accountable is by posting my workout recaps on the blog. Natalie did this last fall over on Never Serious Blog and I’m borrowing her great idea. So here we go! Introducing:

In case you missed it: I’m using Hal Hidgon’s Intermediate training plan this time around. For the record - The Professor did not do these workouts with me, I just don't have a good solo running picture :)

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen, check!
 Admittedly, I forgot my training started on Monday so I googled some YouTube videos for a quick workout: 
10 minute stretching for runners - it's not the best, but it's the first one I found on google.
8 minute arms (this was hard. I’m a weakling)
8 minute abs (I probably topped out at 4 minutes)

Tuesday: 3 Mile Run, check!
This was my first treadmill run, post move. I was terrified that something would happen to my prized possession when they were moving it. I was relieved that The Professor got it put back together!
Time: 33:05 Pace: 11:01

I actually almost cried as they slammed it through the door frames.

Wednesday: 5 x 400 @ 5K Pace, Sorta Check.
I was planning on going to the track for my first speed workout, but I ended up having to do it on the treadmill. I had no idea what I wanted my 5K pace to be and I’ve never done a speed workout on the treadmill so I had to keep adjusting and this happened:
0.5 m warmup = 11:30 m pace
0.5 m = 10 m pace
0.25 m = 11 m pace
0.5 m = 9:40 m pace
0.25 m = 11 m pace
0.25 m = 9:20 m pace
0.25 m = 11 m pace
2.5 miles total

Thursday: 3 Mile Run + Strength, Sorta Check.
3 miles on the treadmill at my parent’s house. I didn’t do any strength, but I did spend 10 minutes stretching.
Time: 33:04 Pace: 11:01

Friday: Rest, Check!

Saturday: 3 Mile Run, Checkish.
I ran outside at my parent’s house (we’ve been staying here since Thursday). I thought I remembered a 3 mile route but when I got home and checked it on mapmyrun.com, I realized I had only gone 2.85 because I left out one of the turns…close enough!
Time: 29:00 Pace: 10:10
Pre-Run selfies are cuter with babies in them

Sunday: 5 Mile Run, Check!
Sunday’s run was awesome. 55 degrees out and I got to run in shorts. I have no idea what happened during the third mile, but overall, I was pumped about my splits: 10:34, 9:45, 11:47, 9:48, 9:32
Time: 51:29 Pace: 10:17

I also did a stair workout with this guy on Sunday afternoon. 13 steps, about 100 times. Whew…we were tired!

Clearly, I am not pushing myself hard enough on the treadmill. Since I will be doomed to a few more treadmill runs, I'm going to have to get better at that. Less Harry Potter watching and more running! 

What was your best workout last week?
Are you training for a spring race?

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