January 21, 2015

Half Marathon Training Plan

Right next to my wedding countdown on my phone, you will find a countdown to the KY Derby Festival Half Marathon. Only 93 days til race day!

If you’re a long time reader, you know that running is a huge part of my life. I coached cross country for a few years before I moved to Pittsburgh and in 2012, I ran every single day for a year! When I moved to Pittsburgh, running had to take a backseat to work and grad school and I was lucky if I got in one run per week.

This year, I’m making running a priority. I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands starting February 1st and I can’t wait to use that time to wear out a few pairs of running shoes! I decided to use Hal Higdon’s Intermediate training plan for the half marathon (with a few alterations to accommodate some other races I have scheduled). It starts on February 2nd.

I am so excited to have a plan and stick to it this spring. I'm going to have access to a track again so it should be pretty easy to get my speedwork in too!

I kick started my plan leading up to the training plan with a 5 mile run last Sunday on the treadmill and I have a 3 mile run planned for tomorrow.

Before I wrap this up: did you all see that Brooks is having a winter clearance sale? Check it out and stock up on your winter running gear. They have some great reflective stuff if you're still running in the dark after work like me :)

Enough about me - tell me about your running lately.
Are you training for a race or running just because?
What training plans have you used?
Are you a treadmill runner or outside runner in the winter?

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