January 9, 2015

Prince Farming and Walrus Jokes

After our whirlwind trip to Boston, it was nice to be back in lil ole’ Danville. We didn’t get home until after midnight on Monday and we both had to be up and at work at 8am on Tuesday. Ugh. Since there was ZERO time to stop at the grocery, I joined Justin for lunch at the college dining hall.

It has been a LONG time since I’ve been in a dining hall. I was having flashbacks to my Freshman 15 look! I opted for the salad bar and built a crazy-awesome salad. I was surprised by the variety of greens, veggies, and dressings. Maybe if I had visited the salad bar during college I could have avoided that 15 pounds I picked up haha.

This picture does not do it justice, but it’s the only one I took. Please ignore the cheese, ranch dressing, and croutons…there are some things I just can’t move away from. Also – please send me money for a manicure! Thanks J

When The Boy got home from work, I reminded him that The Bachelor premier was this week and we settled in to make fun of the girls watch Famer Chris fall in love. Justin pretends he hates this show but I think he secretly loves it. Or maybe he just loves making fun of it! We were both big fans of Chris last season so we’re I’m we’re extra excited for Monday nights.

We didn’t realize that the premier was THREE HOURS long. Goodness ABC, some of us have to work in the morning! We poured some wine and settled in for some entertainment. Before I give you our Top 3 picks, I have to share some of The Boy’s wonderful commentary.

For example – when it finally dawned on him that “Part 1” was a red carpet countdown:

You’re kidding me right? We have to watch 48 more minutes of this? Like pre-gaming The Bachelor? Did I miss my tailgate invitation?

I have to agree with him on this one. No Chris Harrison, Nikki isn’t going to admit JP was a total butthead. Also - who gave Claire their baby??

During the million previews leading up to the rose ceremony:

Narrator: What goes terribly wrong at the rose ceremony?
The Boy: I bet one of them farted and Farmer boy can’t handle the smell.

When our gal Canada made her Walrus joke:

{Burst of laughter & spilling wine} GIVE HER ALL THE ROSES!
Note to self à learn more dirty jokes….and also how to break dance…

SO. After that three hour torture session, here are our Top 3 picks for this season:

Kim: Jade, Kaitlyn, Carly


Justin: Britt, Jade, Kelsey

Who are your top picks for Prince Farming?
Dirty Jokes: Funny or Not?

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